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Wheelchair Taxi Dubai

Wheelchair accessible taxi services for people of determination. We provide Special cab (Taxi) for special needs people in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi. Call us ( +971 50 6472949 ) for online booking

We also modify vehicles for handicap / People of Determination.

Handicap taxi near me

Enaya Car Rental is a door-to-door, wheelchair accessible taxi service for passengers in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi, with physical or cognitive disabilities for power wheelchair users and those needing to remain seated in their chair who are unable to use conventional public transit without assistance and looking for handicap taxi. The driver will come with wheelchair accessible cab to your home, help you board on the special vehicle, and get you to the door of your destination safely.

Wheelchair Taxi Dubai

We provide adapted taxis with electric wheelchair lifts (rear entry) for people of determination. Special wheel for a special need anytime anywhere in all our the UAE.


Handicap taxi cab

Enaya Car Rentals offer wheelchair accessible taxi in UAE, lets you pick your choice from multiple accessible van options to make transport easier for the disabled or wheelchair bound.


Physiotherapy & Dialysis

Enaya Car Rental enables those with restricted movement with the freedom to attend their treatment sessions that will get them back on their feet! Search disabled taxi near me on google and you will find in google results. Just call us for online booking. 


Handicap cab service

We also provide handicap cab services with or without driver in cheap prices for hourly, daily and weekly bases, within entire UAE region.


Hospitals & Clinics

Hospitals and clinics are grounds for some of the most unpleasant situations in our lives. We like to think we provide you with options to make your time a little easier with wheelchair accessible taxi.


Airport Pick & Drop

Got a guest coming in that requires special care and attention? Enaya car rental available at Dubai Airports 1, 2 & 3 with accessible cab. Just call us +971 50 647 2949, and we are in front of you in few minutes.  


Residential & Leisure

With our wheelchair accessible taxi you can visit your favourite places with your beloved disabled person for a fun filled days. From malls to days trips around the UAE, we become your gateway to happiness.

EnayaCar - Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Service

  • We provide state of the art Mobility Vans taxi with a tail automatic hydraulic lift and side ramps for wheelchair users.

  • Dogge grand caravan with low entry and side ramp for people of determination.

  • We perform hygiene inspections within all our taxis twice in a week.

  • We provide mineral water and tissues to our customers.

  • We provide wheelchair assistance to the customer.

  • We have GPS tracking devices installed in all our vehicles.

Who Can Use Wheelchair Taxi Dubai?

  • Permanent wheelchair user

  • Partial wheelchair user

  • Active Wheelchair User

  • Elderly people

  • Permanently / partially sick

  • People suffering from autism

  • Rehabilitation and Therapy

  • Visual/ Speech Impaired

  • Hearing Loss

  • Pregnant women

Where We Can Reach?

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics: (Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, Dental, ENT Clinic, Gynecologist etc.)

  • Home

  • Doctor

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Malls

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Beaches

  • Leisure Places

  • Airport

  • Mosque

  • Schools

  • Workplace

  • Clubs

  • Government Offices

  • And any place of your choice

Mobility Products - People of Determination

Transport and Manual Wheelchairs on Rent

Compact and tightly folding designs make it possible for your manual wheelchair to fit into tiny car trunks and even overhead bins on airplanes, while providing a rigid frame performance creating stability and better handling. Adjustable wheelchairs and folding wheelchairs are especially suited to active users, including disabled athletes in Dubai, UAE.

Combining a heavy-duty seat inner liner, low-maintenance carbon steel frame and interchangeable components with Invacare manual wheelchairs. Seat width available in 16″, 18″ and 20″ with various weight capacities for small to larger people who need to be transported. Call Enaya Car to rent them for yourself as we provide these wheelchairs as a quick service within the entire Emirates.


Mobility Van for Sale for People of Determination

New handicapped vans for sale equipped with rear-entry, side-entry, ramps and lift conversion vehicles. Enaya Car Rental provides wheelchair Mobility VANS for sale using top brands like, Hyundai H1 and Dodge Grand Caravans.


Vista Hydraulic Lifts for Sale for Disabled Peoples


Extra long telescopic stacking platform accommodates for full-sized scooters.


The Braun Century XT series features a telescopic stacking platform that will extend up to 152 cm, but still fit inside a medium sized transport vehicle.

The public use lifts are fully automatic in operation and operated by an attendant using the

standard handheld control.


New Extra kick out model.


  • Extra long telescopic platform

  • illuminated platform

  • Bridging feature simplifies boarding from pavement

  • Durable handheld control box

  • New rigid handrails for wheelchair users and standees

  • New rigid vertical mechanical Board barrier (IB) for extra safety and improved bumper clearance.

  • Designed for side or rear door installation

  • Raised pump (RP) models facilities installation and cleaning and general access around the lift

  • Cycle counter

  • EMC test approved

  • CE-marked

How you find Handicap taxi near me on Google?

In United Arab Emirates number of peoples are coming from all around the world. The way of searching of every person is totally change, Enaya Car provide the list of different queries for mobility taxi hire. You can book Wheelchair accessible handicap taxi by searching:

  • Disabled access cars in Dubai

  • Transportation for handicapped people

  • Handicap accessible taxi for rent in UAE

  • Handicap wheelchair taxi for disables

  • Taxi for handicapped in Dubai

  • Wheelchair accessible cab in Dubai

  • Wheelchair accessible Taxi

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