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Our Fleet

Enaya Car – Wheelchair Van Rental Fleet

Choose Enaya Car Dubai for Mobility Rents Wheelchair Vans, Handicap Accessible Vehicles from Hyundai,  Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler

At Enaya Car, we give you a choice when it comes to vehicle manufactures of our wheelchair accessible van rentals. Choose between all the top minivan makers. We have vans made by Dodge Grand Caravan and Hyundai H1 in our rental fleet.

We are sure to have a van that fits your style and your budget. Below is our available vehicles in our Wheelchair Rental fleet (note: not all makes and models may be available at all locations during your requested rental period).

DODGE – Grand Caravan
The KING of Wheelchair Van Conversions!

Are you needing to attend medical appointments, take a vacation or

are you simply needing an wheelchair accessible rental van because

your handicap van is broken or waiting for Long for Accessible Taxi?

Well, look no further than the Dodge Grand Caravan with its time

tested side-entry, fold-out ramp system. For well over a decade, the

Dodge Caravan has been the best renting wheelchair van available.

  • Reference: 

  • Capacity: 5 passengers and 1 wheelchair Occupant

  • Conversion: specific floor +  manual ramp

  • Advantages: modern and multi-purpose


Please call +97150 647 2949 today.

Hyundai – H1
Reliability and Ride Quality in One Sleek Package!

Available as a Passenger, Family, 1 Wheelchairs or self-drive from

Wheelchair Conversion, there is lots of room. Optional seats can

be added. This vehicle is large, and because of its internal height

it can take a large wheelchair and occupant and or family.


Usually this type of wheelchair accessible vehicle is only available

with Enaya Cars Rental for private Rent in UAE, a unique rear easy

wheelchair Hydraulic lift ramp system. Many options are available

for this vehicle conversion.


Wheelchair restraints, electric opening and closing wheelchair ramp, remote opening and closing tailgate and wheelchair ramp system and off course our ever popular Wheelchair Docking System designed by Enaya Car, eliminating any use of wheelchair tie-down straps resulting in locking and releasing the wheelchair in only seconds with no bending instead of minutes with lots of kneeling and bending.

  • Reference: 

  • Capacity: 6 passengers and one (1) wheelchair Occupant
    Conversion: specific floor + removable "Handclaps" seats + Rear Hydraulic Vista Lifts remote Operated wheelchair Ramps

  • Advantages: modern and multi-purpose

Please call +97150 647 2949 today.

Toyota Corolla LE ECO (For General Hires)
Get That Economical and Convenient, Smooth Ride You Deserve!

When people ask us  for additional Convenient and Easy on Gas,

Non Wheelchair and Economical vehicle for Rent vehicle which is

the most comfortable and has the best ride, we don’t need long

to think about it. It’s always Toyota Corolla for people who are

looking daily rentals or weekly or monthly .The smooth power,

easy steering, make this a real treat to ride-in as well as drive!

  • Reference: 

  • Capacity: 5 Passenger + Driver

  • Advantages: modern

Please call +97150 647 2949 today.

Accessible Vans of United Arab Emirates

Code Of Ethics

Enaya Cars Rental aspires to the highest industry standards. We are convinced that the key to creating a truly great organization is an intense focus on the values that guide people's actions. To this end, we make the following commitments:
  • To achieve the highest level of customer service promptly and competently.

  • To offer quality accessible vehicles and wheelchair vans which are appropriate for the customer's needs.

  • To rent a wheelchair van that meets all quality and safety standards of the company.

  • To instruct the customer and/or attendants in the proper use of the adaptive equipment and the accessible vehicle.

  • To explain fully and accurately to each customer and/or attendants the customers rights and obligations regarding the rental of accessible vehicles.

  • To update and advance our professional knowledge and skills, giving customers improved equipment and services.

  • To act in good faith, to be honest, trustful, ethical and fair to all concerned.


Many individuals are starting to recognize the perks and benefits of renting a wheelchair van. There are a lot of different situations that might call for the rental of a van that would be more cost effective than purchasing a wheelchair van. One such scenario would be taking your extended family with you Joyful Ride for whatever purpose. If you are taking a large number of individuals along with you or your disabled loved one renting a van is a great cost effective way to meet this temporary need.

One of the biggest perks of renting a wheelchair van is  selection of vehicles you are able to choose from. You can rent both full size vans or minivans depending on what your needs are. If you are going on a large family vacation you will need a full size van that will accommodate extra passengers and space along with the equipment needed for any disabled individuals. You can also choose a van with the type of equipment that best suits your needs. For example you can rent a vehicle that uses side lift equipment if you prefer to get in and out of the vehicle through the side doors.

Another perk of renting a wheelchair van is that it gives you a chance to test out a vehicle. Perhaps you are looking into purchasing a mobility van and want a chance to test out a particular model you have your eye on. Renting the van for a weekend trip is a great way to get familiar with the equipment, controls, and features on the van. After using the vehicle for a few days you will have a better idea if this van is right for you and your family or if you need to look for a different type of vehicle.

How Renting Works

Wheelchair van rental prices are affordable, and renting a van from Enaya cars Rental is similar to renting a vehicle from another company that provides rental vehicles (without the HANDICAP Accessibility). Our wheelchair van rentals are available near you at locations throughout United Arab Emirates .

All of our rental vans are fully  side entry conversions and Rear Hydraulic Lift  that conveniently operate at the touch of a button . All wheelchair van rentals accommodate one wheelchair passenger.

All of our rental vehicles are late model minivans 2014 or newer. These reliable conversions provide side or rear entry access, lowered floors, and wheelchair/scooter tie-downs. Our mobility consultants will help you choose the Best Wheelchair accessible Vans rental vehicle in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and surrounding region for your needs.


Drop-off and pick-up service is available, as well as 24-hour emergency service.

Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Handicap Vehicle

 We will help you make an informed decision about the type of wheelchair accessible vehicle that's the best fit for your lifestyle.

  • Advantages of Buying a Wheelchair Van from Enaya cars rental LLC
    mobility independence.



  • Commercial Wheelchair Vans at Low Prices
    New and used handicap van conversions are available  for  Non emergency medical transport and other mobility.

  • Personalizing Your Adapted Van
    Enaya Cars Rental LLC  offers the safest, lowest price adapted vans for the best value in the industry. Whether you are buying a new or used handicap  Dodge Grand Caravan, Hyundai H1 for  adapted for wheelchair accessibility.

  • The Special Needs People Who Need Special Transportation
    Special needs vans are essential for wheelchair users to provide safe, reliable transportation. Something as simple as getting in and out of a non-accessible vehicle can put both the wheelchair user and the caretaker at risk for serious injury.

  • The Truth About Transport Wheelchairs
    Moving a wheelchair user in and out of their regular wheelchair to a transport wheelchair can be dangerous. A wheelchair user does not have full use of his/her legs and cannot properly support his/her weight while going from wheelchair to the transport wheelchair, then from the transport wheelchair to the vehicle and back again.


  • Accessible Vehicles—Which One Suits Your Style?
    If you are just beginning your search for a handicap accessible vehicle, this is a good place to start. You may not realize that almost any type of vehicle can be modified for wheelchair users—both drivers and passengers.

  • Wheelchair Accessible vehicles for Handicap People in Dubai
    Are you or someone you know in the market for a wheelchair accessible van?

  • Wheelchair Minivans - Ideal Transportation for Drivers with Disabilities
    For a wheelchair user, the simple act of going to the store can be a very time-consuming and potentially dangerous situation. Enaya Cars Rental  specializes in custom conversion wheelchair minivans at a low cost without compromising safety.

Transporting wheelchair users in a vehicle other than a disability van can be back breaking and put either you or your loved one at risk for serious injury. Enaya Cars Rental  Handicap Vans has been in business for more than 5 years and prioritizes on providing the best value and lowest price guaranteed!

  • The Ins and Outs of Wheelchair Ramp Vans
    Wheelchair ramp vans are vans specifically customized to meet the needs of wheelchair users and other people that have mobility hardships.


  • Wheelchair Vans and Non-Emergency Medical Transport
    The need for non-emergency medical transport is rising, as the population simply ages or those with disabilities increasingly seek mobility to and from doctor appointments and routine hospital visits. Long-channel wheelchair accessible (and gurney accessible!) vans can offer the perfect solution.


According to UAE Law  Who are people of determination? Under the National Policy for Empowering People with Special Needs, people with special needs or disabilities will be referred to as 'people of determination' to recognize their achievements in different fields.

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