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About Us

Chairman’s Message


Enaya Car Rentals is the brainchild of a man who

understands the determined on a personal level.


We had a close family member diagnosed with

MS who soon lost function from neck down, became

paraplegic. The determined have been a part of his life

for over 20 years, and is something that has changed his

life drastically. From being a part of finance in Dubai and

Toronto, to the special needs business owner he is today.

When he moved to the UAE in 2015, he saw a need for

special transportation services that were meant only for  

people of determination. That was the beginning of

Enaya. Established in 2015, the company is the first in the

Middle East that has dedicated transport services only for

the determined.

Enaya operates all across the UAE. Enaya Car Rental is a

door-to-door, shared ride service for passengers with

physical or cognitive disabilities who are unable to use

conventional public transit without assistance. The driver

will come to your home, help you board on the vehicle,

and get you to the door of your destination safely.


The company offers the following services:

  1. Van Rentals

  2. Physiotherapy & Dialysis Mobilty Rides

  3. Transport Service

  4. Hospitals & Clinics Pick & Drop

  5. Airport Pick & Drop

  6. Residential & Leisure



Our Company's goal is to provide Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Solutions. Enaya Car Rental aims to give the opportunity to everybody to hire a wheelchair van at competitive rates. Attractive discounts are granted when renting are extended. We want mobility and freedom to be affordable for everyone.


At the core, our business requires a great deal of care and concern for our customers . We aren’t satisfied with providing and adequate service. Enaya understands your special needs and the difficulties you face as result . Our success depends on appreciation all that you want and giving all we can in our services.

Our Mission

Our goal has always been to provide a quality service for People of Determination travelers throughout UAE and Oman. Enaya Cars Rental Dubai offers years of experience in the Accessible Transportation Solution.

We would like to facilitate trips and daily life of people with reduced mobility.
That's why we think up, develop and commercialize solutions that allow the persons with reduced mobility and their close relation to travel in all simplicity and conviviality!
Being socially and environmentally responsible.

Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Because each individual needs are different, Enaya Car Rental Dubai will do its best to advise and guide you through your project.

Enaya Car Rental covers your safety and comfortable converted cars which are currently available for rent, from the Dodge-grand caravan for one disabled person to the H1 Hyundai which can accommodate up to six people in total along with one person on wheelchair.

Our disabled vehicles fleet offers an excellent way to go on holidays or even just to go at work.

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